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Meditation Journey – Awaken

by Daniel Mansfield

Hello, introducing the first journey track designed to help you find peace and relaxation. Please enjoy 🙂

The track uses sampled Didgeridoo instrumentals with other midi tracks and vocals. I am thinking to use 432 Hz although the standard format seems to be ok. There are many more tracks and dream journeys on the way..

Additionally there will be an extra short intro track for each meditation, the intro track will give a quick guide to breathing techniques I use and recommend for that specific meditation exercise.

5 Second breathing

Simple breathing for this track will be a 5 second inhale through mouth, holding the breath for 5 seconds and then exhaling for a further 5 seconds again from the mouth. Those times are flexible and you should adjust them to what makes you feel comfortable – also adjust breathing throughout track as you feel happy to do so.

Open the track here – 10mb

To download – (Chrome browser) when you click the link the audio track will play from the browser but you can click within the player to download and save.

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